Will my new horse bond with the donkey next door?

donkey and mini horseQuestion: I was thinking about getting a horse but the person in the next field has got a donkey so I was thinking about my horse making friends with it but I don’t know if it will work?

Answer: from April Reeves: Yes, it’s very likely your horse will create some bond with the donkey, and give your horse the comfort of knowing there is another four-legged acquaintance around. Because they will not be in the same field together, it’s questionable whether they attach themselves to each other to the point where they become herd bound. Only time will tell. You may find it becomes the perfect situation, where the horse is happier but not attached to the point where it becomes a problem.

Horses can attach themselves to all types of creatures. One of my students has a tall thoroughbred mare that is in love with a cat. Many have bought mini’s to keep their horses happier. Predator and prey can live in harmony with the right conditions.

It’s a good time for you to get a horse, since they are giving them away. Take the time to find one that is appropriate for you, and don’t fall for one just because it’s cute or free. They are all cute once you love them, and they are never free. Good luck with that, and if you want any additional information on how to care for your new horse please visit my site and blog often, or email me at: info@horsemansu.com.

“Healing Horses Their Way” is a great book for anyone who owns a horse, but especially anyone who is thinking about horse ownership. This book tells it like it is – what the problems are, how they start, and how to cure them. The author, Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS, is in high demand across North America for her informative lectures and successful health practices with horses. Marijke has helped horse owners who gave up on traditional medicines and drugs, giving them hope and their equine friend back. You may email her at: rivas@nowcom.ca or call her toll free: 1-800-405-6643.


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