Off to Liz Mitten Ryan’s Ranch in Kamloops

I am going to add, intermittently, anything really cool about the personal side of April Reeves.

I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. In fact, looking back on my life so far, I have not worked a day. If you love what you do, it’s not work.

As a horse trainer, clinician, writer, publicist and owner of a marketing firm, I get to ‘marry’ all of these gifts into some of the most amazing experiences one could have in a lifetime.

I am gone for 3 days to the Kamloops ranch of Liz Mitten Ryan. Many of you know Liz as the author of these amazing books:

One With The Herd PDF of book sampler

The Truth According To Horses PDF of book sampler

Life Unbridled PDF of book sampler

Sabbatical PDF of book sampler

Take a look at the book samplers. Liz is tapped into horses in a way only few of us get to uncover and discover. She lives on 320 acres with a herd of horses that are neither wild nor ‘broke’ in the ‘arena’ sense.


(Equine Assisted Re-connective Therapy and Healing)

Liz also has an amazing healing set of workshops that draw horse-persons (and some non) from all over the world. They come to Gateway 2 Ranch to discover, heal, renew and move forward into a new path. As Liz describes it: “In 2009 we had the pleasure of connecting with and healing people from all over the world, establishing deep and lasting relationships through truth, love, joy and the freedom to explore our child-like innocence and claim our heart’s desires.” The program works through the healing power of horses and other animals, and the incredibly gifted and skilled healing practitioners at the ranch.

A collection of video from the journey’s of the participants was gathered and is about to be distributed through DVD’s and National Broadcast. It is one of the most inspiring, captivating and important pieces of our time. It encapsulates the journeys humans are being asked to discover right now, in our time.

The horse-human relationship began as the horse being our slave. We then moved into the Cowboy Era, where horsemen began to think of the horse as a partner. From there the show world emerged and spawned a new world of competition and confinement for the horse. The advent of Monte Roberts and Pat Parelli with Natural Horsemanship has been a gateway for the human to begin the process of relationships with their horses at a higher level. But many of us are still looking.

The work at Gateway 2 Ranch is a completion of our spirit and connection with horses. It is the discovery of the whole animal, and in that discovery, you find you. The Horses of Gateway 2 Ranch assist in the journey – your journey – to connecting with your inner spirit that has been closed off from strict societal beliefs that may not have a place in your life anymore.

It is the next step in our evolution as humans.

I am going to spend 3 days with Liz to create a plan on getting this to the people. Our world is speeding up. Consciousness is speeding up. I believe Liz is one of the humans that has discovered how to share her gifts and those of others, including animals, to assist others in doing the same. I feel honored to be able to share a tiny piece of this.

I love my ‘job’. Will keep you posted.

One response to “Off to Liz Mitten Ryan’s Ranch in Kamloops

  1. Thanks April, just got a google alert you were talking about me! Can’t wait to get together and spread the exiting message the horses and the land itself are sharing. There is only one consciousness -it just comes in different shapes and sizes. To view the trailer of EQUINISITY, the 3 hour 55 min DVD set visit – Equinisity.

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