Your Feedback Please

In order for me to make this blog valuable and useful, I need to know what YOU want to read. What YOU want to see. What YOU want to discuss. What am I missing?

You can say as little or as much as you like.

What are your goals with your horse? What are your dreams? What do you want to accomplish but are not sure of how to go about it?

Help me make this horse blog one of the best out there. What you have to say matters to me. Together, we can create a community that benefits us all, which benefits the horse. It’s all about the horse.

Thanks everyone, and a very, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

2 responses to “Your Feedback Please

  1. I like your page and have found many of the posts very helpful. I’d like to see a little more on conformation and how it affects performance. For instance, I have two half-siblings who have clubbed left fores. The mare’s is very mild and looks normal at first glance. I would like to train her as a working hunter but I’m afraid that jumping would be too stressful for even her mild club foot and I don’t want to make her lame. Do you have more info on clubbed feet? If a horse is going to go lame because of a clubbed foot how does it manifest?


    • Thanks Shannon, I’ll work on that – you’re right, that is missing. I deal with a club foot on my big appendix and have had a good deal of experience with many people to draw from on this issue. I’ll work on that over the next while. Conformation is a wide subject so it should make for some good articles. Thank you for your post!

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