I’ve been so busy!!

Sorry everyone but I have been extremely busy lately, and I know many of you are waiting for your questions to be answered! I have been organizing this years clinic schedule and it’s a big change this year with the inclusion of open clinics. It’s more work than private clinics, but I can breathe now for a while and will be back to posting many answers for you.

This blog is insanely busy. Thanks to everyone that comes here to find answers to their horse training questions. Hopefully I will see many of you this year.

I am limiting my clinics to BC for 2010, as the US is too strict on clinicians coming in. I have always felt as though the US was my best friend I get to visit all the time. Hopefully one day we will be able to move back and forth freely again. I will miss my American friends this year!

Be first to sign up; send your email address and your location and I will contact you first if I am in your area.

April Reeves

One response to “I’ve been so busy!!

  1. Please help my horse and I!!!
    I have a five year old paint gelding who is a complete doll..sometimes.
    He has few bad habits that I cant seem to fix. He is perfect for a while then he just changes into a total different horse.
    1. He is sooo lazy. I have to constantly kick him, click to him, kiss at him to keep him moving even at a walk. He just shuts down.
    2. He plants his feet on the ground and will not move out. When I ask him to move out he rears up on me. I have never jumped off of him because I feel that it would be rewarding his behavior but there has been times where I thought he wouled fall back on me.
    I will kick him forward and he will go a few steps then he stops again and rears when I ask him to move out.
    I am at my wits end please help!
    Thank you for your time

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