What to expect at a clinic

April Reeves Horsemanship Alberta Canada I bridge the gap between Natural Horsemanship and elite show ring training, take the push-pull and kick hard out of the picture and show you how to get a great show horse through quieter methods. You will get results without spurs, whips and additional equipment. I work with all disciplines of English and Western flat, including stadium jumping and reining, in-hand and groundwork.

Why are your classes up to 3 hours long?  Longer classes allows participants a better chance to absorb the information, and gives you the chance for one-on-one instruction.

What will we learn?  Lessons are tailored to what you want and need to learn. You will receive lesson sheets for each lesson so that you do not struggle with remembering the material and will have something to practice with.

The Horsemanship classes teach What, How and most important, WHY you are asking your horse to do something. It covers not only the method, but what happens to the anatomy and how to combine the skill sets you are learning. You will come away with the understanding of what goes into the training of any discipline and most breeds. Foundation work starts at the beginning, as if your horse were green, and you quickly progress through each stage until your horse has such a solid base you can move into your desired discipline.

These classes are for anyone needing and wanting to learn how to start youngsters, how to fix the problems horses are having, how to get the most from your horse easily and simply (because its not hard when you know what to do), and generally learn how to ride better (because when you have a job to do, your riding comes together quick).

You can contact April Reeves at:   aprilreeves17 at  or 403 224 3893.

The Donalda classes below are an example of a Foundation Training clinic. They run for 3 hours each, 6 students. You can bring one or several horses. The levels for this series is Level 1 and Level 2. Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Currently, Donalda Ag Society’s Board Of Directors is at odds to whether they want independent instructors at their arena. If you think they should, please let them know on their facebook page ( or contact them.


Get the results you want with your horse:

  • Achieve a Natural Soft Headset
  • Learn Lateral/Longitudinal Suppling and Bending exercises
  • Great Gaits! Teach Your Horse Rhythm and Cadence easily – even speedy horses with no stop button!
  • Using Groundwork and In-Hand to build an athlete for any discipline
  • Western Dressage – Self Carriage
  • Turning Problems Into Solutions – When ‘bad’ horses turn ‘good’
  • Beginner Horsemen and Riders introductory exercises
  • Discipline Specific and Breed Specific Instruction
  • Get Ready For The Show Season
  • Equitation for English and Western disciplines and Saddle Seat
  • Hunter and Jumper Group Clinics and Individual Instruction
  • I Just Want To Ride For Fun! Make Trail/Pleasure Riding safe and happy, and help with confidence!
  • Energy Work – What energy is, how it affects the horse, and how you can use energy to your advantage in training. These classes are full days, and include individual work with the human first, then on to groundwork with your horse, and finally under-saddle work. One of BC’s finest Equine Energy & Body workers, Guliz Unlu often travels and works with April in this clinic.
  • Equine Agility Horsemanship – learn how to get your horse’s mind and body fit for the saddle work ahead. Teach him how to use his feet, his brain, and how to think problems through without getting emotional. These skills learned on the ground will transfer to saddle. Agility is also just plain fun, and another way to enjoy your horse, bond, and help him become healthier.

Hosting a Clinic – Private
Host a clinic at your facility, where the Host may attend at no charge. There is a fee to audit, and the host receives all audit fees. Hosts may use or sell their clinic space.

Hosting a Clinic – Make Additional Funds For Your Club!
When you host a clinic at your club grounds your club receives all the audit fees.
Most clubs charge $20/day per person or $30 for the weekend (2 days).

If you only have twenty weekend audits, you receive $600 for your club!

Types Of Riding Clinics

One-On-One Instruction
1, 2 or more days, 8 hour days, individual instruction.

You may book one hour privates ($50), 45min. privates ($40), 1 1/2 hour ($60, best value, up to 2 students max.) or 2 hour groups ($75, max. 3/class).

Demo and Group Instruction
April often customizes her clinics to accommodate the needs of the participants and auditors:

  • 1 1/2 hours of specific instruction.
  • Mix & Match: specified instruction & privates.
  • Problem Horses – April works on one horse at a time, so that auditors and participants can take the information home and work on their horses.

Email April at: or call: 403 224-3893

“I have a code of ethics I follow like a religion. If you learn from me, you learn the whole package.” I don’t just teach people how to ride: I teach them how to train horses. I find it pointless to hold people back regardless of their age, or to needlessly drill the same material over and over. Instead, I give students a job to do, and when you are invested in learning, your riding skills improve without being drilled (although I may comment on habits you need to lose). I take complicated concepts and break them down into simple, clear steps anyone can grasp, in a manner that builds your confidence while it creates an athlete with four legs.

My students move up quickly and are thrilled with what they accomplish! I usually have most beginners in the show ring within 6-10 months, and we start in mid-range adult competition. I believe there is more value in students losing to professional riders, and they are exposed to better examples as they get the benefit of seeing how professionals work. They never get a chance to learn incorrectly. There are many instances where they took high points home on the first show (read Testimonials). I held CHA Level 3’s in English Flat, Jumping and Western Flat for years, but I relinquished them because CHA no longer fits my style of information delivery.

My work comes from European influences, years in the show ring, with personal horses and showing for breeders, years of clinics, and numerous long-term instructors, and just having to figure out methods that work (before we had the internet). I teach numerous riding and in-hand exercises you won’t see anywhere else. I believe in balance, natural carriage and lightness, and building an athlete first.

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