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Watch a newborn foal on Barnmice webcam!

Barnmice has a webcam set up to watch and record the births of 4 mares (mare stare), due any day now. Head over to Barnmice, create an account if you want (not necessary to get hooked on the proceedings) and keep vigil. Most mares foal in the early morning hours, so if anyone gets to see this please let the rest of us (who sleep through all this stuff) know.

Barnmice Live Foal Cam

My mare is expecting a foal. How should I look after her and feed her?

Mare and foalQuestion: I need to know how to keep a healthy mare and foal and keep my mare in good condition while she is in foal and what the best bedding to have when she foals.

Answer from April Reeves: Let’s start with bedding. I prefer to use straw bedding at first. Keep it thick to give the mare and foal maximum comfort, especially since newborn foals tend to fall a lot while learning to stand. Straw smells natural to a horse, and watch that it’s not dusty or moldy. Keep the straw in the stall for about 3-5 days after the foal is born, then you can switch to shavings.

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