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My horse pushes the fence, trying to get out. How can I stop this behavior?

Horse behind electric wire fenceQuestion: I have a 4 year old Belgian/quarter horse cross that insists on going through the fence. We have both field fence and barbed wire fences on our place and he doesn’t care which one he tears up. He just walks up to the fence and starts pushing and walking up the wire until he pushes in over. He is built like a tank and doesn’t mind cutting himself in the process. There is nothing for him to get into on the other side of the fence, all the feed is in bins. He just gets out and stands on the other side. Any advice. We tried popping him in the behind with a bb gun when we see him pushing but it doesn’t seem to phase him.

Answer from April Reeves: Your horse does not see the fence as a barrier, and it’s likely because it’s not strung tight enough. Once a horse feels any give, it’s in their nature to resist it. Remember, horses are nomadic, and have an instinct to walk. Humans put them in unnatural confinement and expect them to act according to OUR rules – which rarely happens.

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