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Pushy 8-month-old Cob needs to learn manners.

Question: Hi, I hope you can help. I have had my little cob for about 9 months, at first he was very bossy and wouldn’t even let me touch his face without trying to bite and ears flat back , he got loads better and now I can stroke and even brush his face, he is great to catch and comes when called , but lately, even when  I go to greet him as he comes over when I get there, he puts his ears flat back and does that trying to send me away thing , he will try to bite if I persist in trying to touch him, unless I can get to scratch him in his fave spot. I spend a lot of time with him , he will not let me pick  his feet up most of the time either, I know his previous owner and I know she would hurt him too , how can I get him to respect and trust me, I am rather nervous of him now but I love him and won’t let him down.

Answer from April Reeves: Hello Carol from the UK! I’m glad you spend a lot of time with this horse. It is the best therapy you can give him, short of a few ground lessons that I will give you that should keep you busy for about half a year.

One thing you didn’t mention was whether he was gelded or not. This would make the world of difference if he wasn’t castrated yet. Once that is done, his whole attitude will change. However, even as a young male he should still show respect and manners, as it will carry forward when he is gelded.

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What size of horse is best for my first horse?

sb10063272f-001Question: I convinced my parents to buy me a horse (yay!) and I want to know what height would be good for me. I am about 5 feet, and pretty skinny. I have been riding mostly large ponies. Is that a good height?? I have been looking at some horses and I found a cute one close by, but he’s 15.3hh, is that to big??

Answer from April Reeves: I’m not sure how old you are but 15.3 is only too tall if the horse is too much for you to handle. Many people ride exceptionally tall horses now days. At 5 feet tall, I’m not sure you should look at anything much taller than that as you may run into problems getting on when out on a trail ride. Otherwise, it’s a nice height to be able to do things with. Not too tall, not too short. And you may grow into him as you mature.

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What breed should a new horse owner look at?

Question: I am about to buy my first horse. I have a smaller budget, and want to buy a filly. What breed is best? I like Welsh Cobs.

Answer from April Reeves: Your first horse! How exciting! I agree with you on one thing: mares. I love mares and have always had a better, all around horse with a mare than any gelding I have ridden.

Fillies are usually 4 or under, and not something I would recommend for a first horse. Look for a mare of 5 and over. Not only will their skeletal system be mature enough for you to ride consistently but their minds will also be ready for a new rider.

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What are ALL the costs of owning a horse?

I'm Expensive!

I'm Expensive!

Answer From April Reeves: Owning a horse takes on a whole new set of responsibilities that leasing and lessons did not have.

I find that this is the most overlooked part of horse ownership, and I see it daily in the horse world. Horses can be expensive, even when they live with you as opposed to being boarded out. They are living, breathing creatures whose very lives are completely dependent upon YOU for survival. I cannot state this enough, especially having gone through years of watching people get them and dispose of them when no longer needed or wanted.

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