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How can we get our new horse to trot and canter slower?

Girl and horseQuestion: My granddaughter shows in 4-h and she has a 6yr old mare we just bought her. Her trot is a little fast and so is her canter. How do we slow it down? The horse has never been to a show and I figure we have all winter to get her ready. Can you help slow her down?

Answer from April Reeves: Yes I can and it’s a fairly easy exercise. It’s also a part of foundation training and will set up your horse to do additional exercises.

First, this exercise will teach the mare to take responsibility for her gait. You should never have to constantly push a horse every few strides, nor should you have to try to correct a fast horse all the time. Horses should stay in the gait you ask until you ask otherwise, and this exercise will help. It’s also easy. You will do very little.

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My horse gets her tongue over the bit. Help!

Question: I just recently bought a 5 year old buckskin mare. All she has ever known is a hackamore and i tried to use a combo hackamore with snaffle but she puts her tongue over the bit. I have tried to let her graze with it and also tightened it up on her. She still figures out a way to put her tongue over it. I know the saying if it works why change it but my purpose for this horse is to make it into a barrel and pole bending horse for my daughter and i want her to have control.

Answer by April Reeves: This is a problem you don’t want to turn into a habit, so if you are still trying to bit her, stop right away. We need to look at a few possible problems first and then rule them out. If she is allowed to put her tongue over for too long a time, it will become a habit that may be very hard to break.

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