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Non-Invasive Foal Imprinting

WELCOME TO THE WORLD – a non-invasive and loving approach to imprinting

By Liz Mitten Ryan

De-sensitization and imprinting are found in every trainers tool box. Their importance to our efficient handling of horses is invaluable. From a human perspective our interaction with horses from handling to riding is safer and less stressful. Its value to a trusting partnership though is dependent on how sensitive and considerate we are to the horse. Is our horse enjoying the relationship more as a result or are they simply dead to the stimulus?

My journey with horses has been an adventure of discovery. I am always looking to refine and enhance the connection and communication, to dance with my horse to the rhythm of joy, love and perfect communion. I know that our journey as spiritual beings seeded in matter is universal. Each and every being is an equal and unique fruition of one consciousness in all life.

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Off to Liz Mitten Ryan’s Ranch in Kamloops

I am going to add, intermittently, anything really cool about the personal side of April Reeves.

I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. In fact, looking back on my life so far, I have not worked a day. If you love what you do, it’s not work.

As a horse trainer, clinician, writer, publicist and owner of a marketing firm, I get to ‘marry’ all of these gifts into some of the most amazing experiences one could have in a lifetime.

I am gone for 3 days to the Kamloops ranch of Liz Mitten Ryan. Many of you know Liz as the author of these amazing books:

One With The Herd PDF of book sampler

The Truth According To Horses PDF of book sampler

Life Unbridled PDF of book sampler

Sabbatical PDF of book sampler

Take a look at the book samplers. Liz is tapped into horses in a way only few of us get to uncover and discover. She lives on 320 acres with a herd of horses that are neither wild nor ‘broke’ in the ‘arena’ sense.

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