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Why do new riders pull their horse back to stop?

April Reeves

Clinician, Instructor, Trainer

Question: My new coach does not want me to pull straight back to stop. My old coach only used this method. I will learn both methods (as in one of your older posts you suggest we learn other ways of doing things and find the best one that works for us). My question to you is why do we do this? Why do we need to learn so many things when we start riding?

Answer from April Reeves: Great question! This deals with our attitudes and mindset as a HUMAN, and how we have to alter OUR behaviors to work with the horse.

Yes, work with your new coach and find new ways to do things. There are often many ways to train a horse, and not all horses respond to the same methods. I have 5 methods to teaching the flying change. One is better than all the others, but it depends on the horse I’m working with. Take in all that you can, try it, apply it, and if it works, keep it in the back of your mind. If you don’t see results after a length of time, the method may not be complete. I find many good trainers have difficulty explaining what they do, but are very effective doing it.

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