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If we are predators, how can we ride horses?

Why do horses let us in their world so quickly?Question: If we are predators, how is it that we are able to connect and work with horses?

Answer from April Reeves: This is a very interesting question and deals with an understanding of psychology as opposed to training. Horses can accept humans into the herd; what they don’t accept or like, is a human with predatory behavior.

Moving around a horse cautiously or too slowly is predatory behavior. It can cause some very violent reactions in horses, and is the main cause of horses becoming aggressive towards humans. While we believe we are being careful, the horse believes you are lining him up for dinner.
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How is it that we can ride horses?

Answer from April Reeves: This is not a mechanical question. Nor can it cannot be answered in simple terms.

The horse is one of the largest animals that we, as humans, have daily contact with. They are also one of the oldest surviving mammals, dating back 55 million years. Their ability to evolve and flow should be something (you would think) most humans would WANT to study, yet, through our relationship with the horse, we have simply taken their physical attributes and for the most part, exploited them in our history.

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