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My horse will not accept living in a stall! Help!

Stalls - Cave or Comfort?

Stalls - Cave or Comfort?

Question: I have a new gelding, he’s 8, and he will not stay in a stall overnight. Why do horses do this? Don’t they feel comfortable in a stall? What is it in his behavior that causes him such anxiety? Could he get some vice from this?

Answer from April Reeves: I love this question, mainly because I have done years of testing and research on equine behavior and our intrusion into their lives. I wrote a comprehensive article on this which may help you to understand why horses behave the way they do. It will give you a better insight into the reasons for their actions and how they evolved.

Stalling horses will always be a necessity for many reasons, but to the horse, does this practice encourage comfort and safety, or anxiety and depression?

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