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My horse gets her tongue over the bit. Help!

Question: I just recently bought a 5 year old buckskin mare. All she has ever known is a hackamore and i tried to use a combo hackamore with snaffle but she puts her tongue over the bit. I have tried to let her graze with it and also tightened it up on her. She still figures out a way to put her tongue over it. I know the saying if it works why change it but my purpose for this horse is to make it into a barrel and pole bending horse for my daughter and i want her to have control.

Answer by April Reeves: This is a problem you don’t want to turn into a habit, so if you are still trying to bit her, stop right away. We need to look at a few possible problems first and then rule them out. If she is allowed to put her tongue over for too long a time, it will become a habit that may be very hard to break.

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