What Makes A Good Horse Trainer with Host April Reeves

6:21   April Reeves interviews Jon Ensign, Lainie DeBoer, Jay O’Jay, Doug and Kathy Vouchell and Steve Rother on what it takes to be a good horse trainer. Filmed at Red Deer: The Mane Event, April 2009.

 The German Martingale Part 1

April Reeves shows how to adjust the German Martingale on a horse, and how the martingale functions and teaches vertical flexion. Part 1 of a 2 Part Series.

The German Martingale Part 2

Understand how the German Martingale helps your horse with softness and vertical flexion. Part 2 of 2.

One response to “Video

  1. Deborah Duncan

    Dear April

    I have found your sight and it is really really a breathe of fresh air . My question is I am really struggling with my 10 year old arabian horse showing very hot behaviour . Do you have any videos of your techniques I could order ? I live in England and it’s a bit too far to travel to see you !


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