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Teaching the beginnings of neck reining with a Paint mare

Pony pulls reins from 5 year old’s hands

Is 2 1/2 year old too young to ride and drive?

Horse dances around and won’t take the bit

How can I make my horse do the right thing?

Horses & Oil Don’t Mix! Can you give oil to horses?

Is Posting in Western Different than English? What about Diagonals?

What are ALL the costs of owning a horse?

How Can I Get My Horse To Accept Spray Bottle?

Can I use kicking chains for horse that kicks?

Horse needs to re-learn how to tie and stand

What exactly is laminitis and how can you treat it?

3 Renegade Foals Baffle Owners

Why does my horse run me over with her shoulder?

What breed should a new horse owner look at?

Horse rushes and refuses jumps, and is getting worse!

How to stop a horse from bucking – safely

How should I keep horse from eating grass on the trail?

Do you have any complete information on West Nile Virus?

Is the Appaloosa good at jumping?

What makes a horse hard mouthed?

Does a horse know the difference between Western and English riding?

How often should I worm my new horse and what should I use?

How do I get my herd bound gelding to pay attention when I ride?

How is it that we can ride horses?

My horse will not accept living in a stall! Help!

My horse jumps ‘too bold’. What is that and how do I correct it?

A green rider wants to break a green horse.

Horse gets spooky during trail rides. How can I fix this?

My Appaloosa is too energetic! She trots and canters all the time!

I would like to know more about martingales, particularly the German Martingale.

My horse won’t lift his back feet to clean. Help!

My horse rears when I lead her? Why does she do this?

Why do new riders pull their horse back to stop?

I ride English. Do I need a rope halter? How do you tie it?

My horse spooks. I speak nice, but it’s not working. What should I be doing?

My mare is expecting a foal. How should I look after her and feed her?

How can I start my young horse? What do I need to know?

Can a Dressage rider benefit from Natural Horsemanship?

My horse gets nervous when left alone.

What should I look for when buying a reining horse?

What is Parelli and should I consider buying a Standardbred or Thoroughbred?

What are hives? What causes hives in horses?

My spooky horse won’t pay attention to me and freezes!

Can a Standardbred pacer learn to trot?

How can I keep from messing up a newly trained horse?

Spooky Appaloosa gelding too tough to train?

How can my Arabian re-learn how to tie and bridle again?

What size of horse is best for my first horse?

My horse runs continuously when let out. Should I be concerned?

How can we get our new horse to trot and canter slower?

My horse tries to kick me when I longe him. Help!

My horse bolts and runs. How can I stop him from doing this?

My horse jigs on a trail ride coming home. How can I stop this?

My horse is stuck in her training schedule. What is wrong?

Basic Groundwork and Saddle work for the Herd Bound Horse

My horse brings his head up when leading – and now riding.

What should I expect from Professional training of 2 year old Quarter Horse?

I just inherited a horse with my new farm. I know nothing about horses. Can you help me build trust with him?

How do I determine what size of Western saddle to buy?

How can I get my horse to collect?

Will my new horse bond with the donkey next door?

What can I do to place higher in my ‘hunter over fence’ classes?

My Barrel horse won’t enter the arena quietly! Help!

Why do horses dunk their hay and can you teach them not to?

Wheat bran or rice bran? Which should I feed my horse?

My horse is stumbling. What could be the cause?

Hock injections – my 2-year-old AQHA filly needs them. Are they safe? How long until the horse is sound?

My jumper surges and falls on his forehand after a fence. Can I use special equipment like a Kineton noseband?

Can you have Marijke van de Water give us some information on laminitis and Metabolic syndrome, in regards to feeding?

Why do horses crib, and can you eliminate it?

Our mare is sensitive to the touch and grouchy. Is there hope for her? How can we fix this?

Help – my horse won’t trailer! How can I get him into our trailer?

My horse pushes the fence, trying to get out. How can I stop this behavior?

My TB mare won’t go over poles. Do you have any advice?

My horse always wants to be the leader. How can I stop her?

Which Jumper should I choose: a green horse or a seasoned but sour horse?

Does sleep affect a horse’s behavior? Do they sleep standing up?

Our mare refuses to nurse her new foal. What can we do?

How can I teach my horse to round and collect?

Help! How can I get my fat Mini thinner?

How can I get my Quarter Horse to walk forward after 3 1/2 years off?

Why does my weanling pin her ears back at me? How can I get her to stop?

How can I add pasture time to my very thin TB mare?

Is riding indoors or outdoors better for a horse?

My older Paso Fino gelding is losing weight trying to protect a mini mare.

I want to get on my filly for the first time. What should I be aware of?

What do you think the most important training technique is?

Why does my horse have a slow jog but a fast canter? Any tips on how I can slow the canter down?

How do you determine the price of a horse?

How can I get my horse to walk straight?

My pony has symptoms we cannot diagnose. Any ideas what he may be suffering from?

When should I start my new foal?

Why do some foals have their heads and necks shaved?

My new horse is resistive and dangerous. I can’t find a solution and need help.

My horse suddenly refuses to turn left. Any ideas why?

My horse chokes on his tongue when I take up contact. Is this possible?

I have a tough, nervous 2 year old to train. Can you help?

I have a yearling and I don’t know how to train her. What can I do with my yearling?

I am the new owner of a surly TB. How can I start him?

If we are predators, how can we ride horses?

My Quarter horse mare needs better canter departs.

What do I (and my mare) need to know for lower level dressage? How can I evaluate my foal for dressage?

How can I get my Oldenburg to not over-jump everything?

What training can we put on a young Andalusian that trips all the time?

How can I slow down the trot on my Arabian mare?

The 3 Secrets To Horse Training

How much is too much in regards to horse training?

How do you use a crop on a disobedient horse?

What is the difference between Hunter-Under-Saddle and Hunter Pleasure classes?

What salt block is best for horses?

How can I keep my horse from breaking into the canter from the trot all the time?

Using Natural Horsemanship in Hunter/Jumper training

Am I feeding my 6-year-old Arabian properly?

What are the differences between rein aids in Western and English riding?

Should I use a chain to lead my horse?

When do you transition from the snaffle to a shank bit?

How can a green rider progress on a green horse with very little help?

Why are horses aggressive at feeding and what can you do about it?

Am I on the right track training a dangerous, rearing horse?

My Thoroughbred cross is suddenly behaving badly!

My 17 month old colt is turning bad!

A ‘cinchy’ mare gets a tune up on manners while saddling.

Building stalls and getting an unbroke horse to move foward

My horse has an odd angle to her back legs.

How can I change the behavior of a young colt from acting like a stallion?

My horse keeps needing harsher bits and hackamores. Help!

How does a horse business make up for losses?

Can you tell the difference between when your horse runs and when he lengthens?

My horse refuses to move forward.

What does a typical day of training look like?

Jane Savoie: Canter leads

Horse Industry Business: The Truth About New Sites And Blogs

Off to Liz Mitten Ryan’s Ranch in Kamloops

Estimating Customer Value for Coaches, Instructors

Jane Savoie: 9 Tips To Help You Sit The Trot

How do I tackle a frisky 7-month-old Paint colt?

New horse owner wonders if she should sell the horse?

How can I get my horse to move away?

Benefits of Bareback Riding

Non-Invasive foal imprinting

My driving pony rears!

Jane Savoie: Should I ride my dressage horse ‘deep’ or ‘up’?

Video applications for horse industry websites

Meredith Hodges: Is your mule getting the right workout?

Make money with your horse manure

Should I buy a 2-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse with potential hock problems?

Horse Business: additional income from horses: tree farming

The next decade is going to be the best!

Can you wash a horse too much?

My well-trained hunter has suddenly taken to bucking fits and aggressive behavior and is becoming dangerous.

Is there hope for a 3-year-old mare with her flighty nature and inability to learn?

How do I feed my yearling Arabian filly correctly?

How do I ask my horse to move her shoulder away from me?

Jane Savoie – Use of the Aids Lesson 2

How can I put a pushy yearling in his place with a herd member?

My Percheron/Belgian cross has heavy feet. Any advice?

How can a small barn helper make horse chores easier?

Pushy 8-month-old Cob needs to learn manners.

Calling all horse owners: stop GM Alfalfa!!

Can I use Easy Boots over shoes?

Is my saddle the cause for my pony rolling?

Fabulous post on the horses in our lives.

Horses and Genetically Modified forages: Are we Moving Our Horses Toward Extinction?

When Great Horses Die

Horse Rescue: What it really means

Arabian gelding has serious anxiety issues

Hard bits: where to go from a twisted D ring snaffle?

Canadian Bill C-544 put forward to ban horse slaughter

Hot horse needs lunging or bad idea?

My horse throws his shoulder: How can I fix this?

My jumping pony needs to be calmer: how can I do this?

My Horse Changes Direction With NO Warning!

What it’s like to ride an Event horse: Peter Atkins and “Henny” on web cam.

Why does my jumper stall out after every fence?

Morgan mare pins ears back and kicks now when being asked to move forward.

How to handle a horse that won’t accept a bit

Horses and Genetically Modified foods – A recipe for survival or extinction?

Equine Agility Horsemanship and the Benefits

Guliz Unlu: The Hunter Bump

Young filly busts through fences to get to lead mare

Why All Horse Owners of All Disciplines Should Do Groundwork

Downward Transitions: Why am I not getting them easily?

How can I train my horse to let me ride him bareback?

Genetically Engineered Alfalfa and Your Horse

My pony has problems breathing and is extending his legs while walking and trotting. Any ideas?

Please Print and Hand Out GMO Flyers To Feed Stores

Why am I posting so much about our horse’s feeds?

Can You Lessen The Anxiety Of A Single Horse?

Horses and Headshaking: Symptoms and Remedies: Marijke Van De Water

Green Colt, Green Owner: How To Make The Best Of It

Changes to April Reeves and Horseman’s

What Does “Winning” Mean To You?

My horse jumps into the trot: How can I prevent this?

Horseman’s Park Alberta Opening June 2013

How does “energy work” apply when riding horses?

Clinic Secrets: The “How” And “Why” of Using Consistent, Quiet Communication

My Horse Slams Me Against The Wall When I Ride, And Won’t Do Circles Properly.

VIDEO: The German Martingale – Part 1

VIDEO: The German Martingale – Part 2

Why do Trainers use harder bits?

Light or soft: is there a difference?

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