Why does my horse run me over with her shoulder?


Intoducing Pal to the Horseman's Stick

Intoducing Pal to the Horseman's Stick

Question: I know how to get them to get their hind end away from me but what do you do when they want to run you over with their shoulders?

Answer: Mares especially will do this. You need to use the stick to be most effective. Start by being in front of her and tapping the ground between her front legs…that won’t get a response but you need a cue and a phase 1 – tap harder so it runs into her and start escalading higher until there is a try to move back. A TRY. Build on this until they are taking at least one step back and taking it RIGHT NOW. Remember to stop the pressure when you get the response you are looking for. When this is really good with the stick you can toss the rope rhythmically at the MIDDLE of the chest and it will have the same effect. (or your hand tapping the shoulder from the side etc…)

Now drive the hind end away with the stick and swing it into the chest/ shoulder the second she THINKS about moving it into your space. The key here is if you even see the weight transfer from her hips to her shoulders you know she is about to barge into you so that is when I drive them back!!!! Know what the horse is going to do before the horse even knows it….

Depending on the situation I will also bring up my phases harder and faster to get them to FACE ME NOW. But blocking the head with the opposite hand ie swing with right hand at their left hip and block the left eye with the left hand. OR you are too close. Go in a ‘C’ shape from the front of the horse towards the hip this allows them to turn and face you like you asked. If you block them they will block you if they are cheeky…going in more of a ‘c’ shape around to the behind is more like a horse does and you can watch the should and react to it faster.

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