A green rider wants to break a green horse.

Max's  First Ride

Max's First Ride

Question: I just bought a 4yr old quarter horse mare. She is so sweet she will follow you anywhere. She will let me sit on her but won’t move and I was told she never had a saddle or rider on her. How can I saddle break her and get her to start riding?

Answer from April Reeves: I don’t normally advise someone to break a horse that has no prior experience as it almost always ends up not in the horse’s best interest. Breaking and training is a long and somewhat dangerous procedure, and a green rider getting on and riding a green horse can get you both hurt very seriously.

As a Professional, I cannot in good faith, guide you through such an intricate and important step in your mare’s life by just writing an article. I understand all too well what happens during breaking, and it would be like someone trying to fly a small plane for the first time with an article on flying in their hand.

If you can’t afford to have someone spend a month on her, then I can’t go any further than to say buy some books and read, read, read. Or follow the link below to see some great video on breaking youngsters.

I really do urge you to seek a professional for a month or so. Find a qualified person who does this for a living, and has a track record. Spend as many days as you can watching how they work with your mare. Ask questions and see if you can be taught at the same time. You may benefit immensely from this experience.

Many young horses appear to be gentle and kind, but horses are horses, and when spooked or frightened, they become very large, very dangerous animals.

I hope you and your mare enjoy a great friendship together. If you plan on continuing this alone, please refer to a video section on my website. Jay O’Jay works with a young mare and breaks her to bridle and saddle. It will help you better than any article as you can view the horse’s reaction and study what Jay does to gently guide the horse through the process. Follow this link: http://www.horsemansu.com/videos/great_trainers_and_clinicians

One response to “A green rider wants to break a green horse.

  1. We found a draft qurter but not broke & 8 mo the guy is asking $75.00 and the colt is lil unnder whight we found him on pet classafied.us non the less with 3 kids 15 to7 id have to green brake the young ones also but what is the cost now to get a safe one done I told the kids no ridein with out me or mom presant at all the rule the older is reading on riding to the youngrs but I’m instiniing reospoabilaty in all. We r just lookin 4 now but can’t bleave the guy is sellin a house so cheep if u can help thanks . We’d have to go to texas for michagain to pick him up he’d be the only house on 15 ac. I like your post & you get 5 *****s

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