Can you wash a horse too much?

Question: Can you wash your horse to much? I have never had a problem with this but I wash my horse about once a week  in the summer. I thing its good for the horse and me. lol. I turn her loose and she just roles in the dirt when I’m done but someone told me it was unhealthy to wash your horse this much. (my brothers wife said that, been eating on me,  they dont like how I train or even ride my horse because I am way into Natural Horsemanship and they do things cowboy way but hay you never no she might be right so thought I’d ask. Dont want to hurt my horse)

Answer from April Reeves: If you are using soap every week, you are likely stripping away essential oils in the coat. I only use soap no more than once a month, if that. I do use water to wash away all sweat and mud on the body and legs, when it is warm enough, and I do that daily! Water alone does not damage the oils. It is important to remove sweat and mud as it will damage the coat and hairs. It also keeps the horse healthier and happier, so spray away every day if you want! Just put the soap bottle away. You will find you won’t need soap at all if you just use water. I don’t know where you live, but we can’t wash off our horses all year ‘round. I make up for it in the summer though. All my horses love to be sprayed; it’s a good thing to get a horse use to.

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