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The German Martingale Part 1

I would like to know more about martingales, particularly the German Martingale.

German Martingale

German Martingale

Question: What is a German martingale and how does it work on a horse? My horse tosses her head all the time and my friend told me to use one. Are they expensive? How much will one cost? What are other types of martingales and how do they compare?

Answer from April Reeves: Wow, lots of questions here! The German martingale is a specialized piece of training equipment for experienced riders. It differs from other martingales as it allows lateral movement with little restriction. Unlike draw reins, which only allow longitudinal flexion and never really gives relief from pressure, German martingales will release the pressure on the bit. They also allow the rider to adjust the level of ‘confinement’ of the head and jaw. It is a multi-discipline tool, used in western and English training. (photo from Larry Trocha)

There is a really great video on what it looks like, how to fit it on a horse, and how to ride with it. Go to this page:
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