Why am I posting so much about our horse’s feeds?

I’ve had a lot of emails but since I’ve started posting about GM feeds, I have had thousands! Within 3 days of posting the GM Alfalfa issue, I had more emails and responses and downloads of the brochure than all the other posts on this blog! (I have been answering the questions as fast as I can: sorry for the “blanket” response to most but I’m getting overwhelmed with emails). I’m proud of all of you! We care for our horse from the inside out! You are paying attention!

“We care for our horse from the inside out.” April

Since everyone is listening, I will add another important post on feed. This one deals with chemicals. While our horses rarely see pesticides on our hays, it’s important to know where your hay comes from. Growing next to fields that use sprays (especially aerial spraying) means your hay crop will be contaminated.

A few years ago, I watched a farmer spraying a crop of peas. The cloud of insecticide drifted over to a horse facility and landed on 2 ponies and a quarter horse belonging to a friend of mine. In less than 6 months, the quarter horse lost weight and died. The 2 ponies lived, but one is still suffering.

The vets concluded that it could have been from vaccines. While I agree (as I don’t like vaccines), I did watch the insecticide cloud drift for 3 days in a row over to their small field. The other horses were not directly in the drift. The vets dismissed my findings.

GMO feeds are one thing, but we also need to increase our awareness and vigilance of our hays as well. I have always found a grower that farms the way I ask or I have cut my own hays. Be aware of the fields adjacent to your hay crops. Talk to the neighbors and ask if they spray, and follow wind directions. This may sound like a lot of trouble, but if you don’t pay at the front end, you may pay at the back end. We no longer live in a world where we can sleep through our lives.

The word “pesticide” is a blanket term for the many chemicals used to kill pests: that being weeds, molds, fungus and insects (also birds, rodents, virus’s, nematodes and more). Some crops (grains and forages) are sprayed throughout the year by a variation of mixtures of these pesticides. The GM crops carry these within their cells so farmers can spray GM crops without fear of the plants dying.

The article states: “Environmentalists, consumer groups and plant scientists from several countries are warning that heavy use of the chemical over the years is causing dangerous problems for plants, people and animals alike.”

The following is rather long but worthwhile for those seeking to understand the consequences of pesticides, for us and our animals. Thanks everyone for taking the time to learn about your horse from the inside out!

Cancer cause or crop aid? Herbicide faces big test

And as always, you can email me at: aprilreeves at shaw dot ca

3 responses to “Why am I posting so much about our horse’s feeds?

  1. Thankyou April! For getting the word out about the deadly GMO’s.
    I have horrible news, I just sold a beautiful healthy girl to a lady.
    I told her all about the deadly GM’s in the horse feed.
    I also intructed her how and what I feed to keep her glowing healthy, but she did not follow though and now the horse is very sick! I am choked and the poor girl is suffering! She still refuses to believe me about the GM’s. She never email or calls me back! You would think she would want a healthy horse to ride, and follow what I did?? We owned her for 10 years, we know GM’s does not agree with her. What is a person to do??

    • Legally nothing. A sale is out of your hands. The only thing that could be done (next time) is to put it in writing in the sale contract that the horse is not to be fed specific feeds. That way you have legal grounds to get the horse back, which would be a big ordeal as well. Otherwise, you have to let it go, for your own health as well.

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