Monsanto buys off Therapeutic Riding Facility

I know I may not be a popular horse person with this, but it’s time we all saw the dragon for what it is. Once again, Monsanto is buying people’s favor, one desperate industry at a time.

A therapeutic riding facility in Henry County, Tennessee, has received $2,500 as part of a program administered by the Monsanto Fund.

Being heavily involved in the horse industry, and an Anti-GMO activist, I would refuse the money but I also have the ability to search for better ways to find funding, so it’s hard to find fault with this Tennessee facility that does such great work.

This is a double edged sword. These therapeutic riding groups need the funding. I can only hope these organizations can see Monsanto, the company, for what it really is, and not buy into their agendas or their foods and crops. Once GE alfalfa takes their horses lives, one horrid health issue after another, the horse industry will wake up.

GM alfalfa will now spread across the US, totally deregulated, and take out the entire organic industry. If you feed your horse alfalfa, you had better hope this experiment doesn’t fail. I predict that our horses will fall prey to a whole host of health disorders once this crop is into them. How can it not, with every cell in that plant being a living pesticide factory, and now alfalfa will be sprayed with deadly pesticides. Our horses have never been privy to such toxins before. The GM biotech industry states that while it acknowledges the toxins, it also acknowledges that the animals being fed this are for slaughter anyway.

They totally missed our horse industry. Shame on them. Shame on us for not standing up for our horses. I’m not a fear monger. I can see the future before it gets here, and it’s not that difficult any more.

Link to HoofBeat Of Hope: only an address: the main site is no longer working…..??

2 responses to “Monsanto buys off Therapeutic Riding Facility

  1. Sure hope the farmers are smart enough not to plant it!!!

    • The farmers plant what they “have” to: because their neighbors are forced into planting it, so will the entire chain. If you hold out, you will get cross contamination and plant drift, and open yourself up to a law suit from Monsanto. Our planet is so messed up right now…

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